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We will develop a tailor-made food supplement brand according to your needs.

How does it work?

From an idea to your new brand.

1. You have an idea for a food supplement brand

You want to have your own brand of food supplements, but don’t know where to start. The task seems too complex – from formula development, design, production to notification and legislative obligations. We can help you with all and explain everything in detail.

2. We will schedule a meeting and discuss the details. Consultation with us is free

We can schedule a meeting online or in person in Prague, Havlíčkov Brod, or Bratislava. We will go through your ideas and requirements together and prepare the initial assignment.

3. We will prepare the composition, product specifications and design

After clarifying what function the individual products have to fulfill, we start preparing the composition and other specifications (form, packaging, use…). We can also prepare label designs for you.

4. Production of samples and final products

After the composition and specifications have been agreed upon, we will begin the production of the first products. In the first stage, we prepare samples and then move on to the sharp production of final products.

5. We deliver your finished products to you

We ship products immediately after completion of production and quality control. The production time is very individual, but usually takes from 3-8 weeks.

6. In case of interest, we will also provide consultancy in the field of legislation and sales

We have extensive experience with legislation and the sale of food supplements. We can prepare a complete sales and marketing plan for you, or just help with the online or offline sales part.

Forms we manufacture

We specialize in the most available forms of food supplements.



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Why to choose us?

We are manufacturers

The best price guaranteed

From an idea to the finished product

We provide comprehensive services

Help with legislation

Years of experience

Know-how secured

Your know-how is protected

Certified manufacturing in EU

Quality is on the first place

Look at where we produce our products for you.
Our manufacturing plant is located in Havlickuv Brod (CZE).

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